Washington State Motorcycle Accident Attorneys
Washington State Motorcycle Accident AttorneysIn most situations, motorcycle accident injuries are significantly more serious than auto accident injuries. Drivers have a responsibility to be aware and cautious of the other motorists around them. Yet, all too frequently, the failure of motorists to notice motorcycles causes many accidents each year.
For many reasons, motorcycle personal injury cases are unique. They require an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer to best represent the rider’s interests and rights to a full and fair recovery and compensation from injuries. The attorneys and staff at Lingenbrink Law have that experience.

Attorney Steve Lingenbrink has been a motorcycle enthusiast for over 25 years. His combined expertise in bikes and the law is an advantage to those he represents in motorcycle injury cases. If you have been involved in an motorcycle accident you may be facing significant losses such as medical bills, job loss, permanent disability and other hardships. Let a firm experienced in handling motorcycle injury claims represent your best interests. Call Lingenbrink Law at 425-284-6000 or email us to schedule a free attorney consultation regarding your accident.

Lawyer & Motorcycle Enthusiast
Lawyer & Motorcycle Enthusiast

“Motorcycles are a way of life for me. I have a special interest in helping people that have been injured or suffered a loss in motorcycle accidents through no fault of their own. Since I’ve been riding bikes for 36 years, I have the hands-on motorcycle experience and knowledge to understand and present the unique issues involved in motorcycle accident cases.”—Steve Lingenbrink

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