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Justice Delivered

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Every attorney will tell you they can get you a fair settlement, but unless he has a history of successful settlements to back it up, you should move on.

Experienced and competent personal injury attorneys like Chris Cazares and Steve Lingenbrink, with over 50 years combined experience, have impressive track records of settlements for clients. Many of these successful settlements have been on cases much like yours, so you can feel confident you’ve chosen the best advocate team for your case.

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    Our Practice Areas

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    Slip and fall (or trip and fall) accidents can occur in any location. You could be in a store or business, a friend’s house, on a city sidewalk, anywhere. These injuries are generally caused by a hazard that was not immediately apparent—a hazard that the property owner was negligent in fixing, removing or preventing.

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    Wrongful Death

    The loss of a loved one brings profound grief. It makes it hard to focus or concentrate. It can make even the simplest daily tasks overwhelming. When that loss of life is due to the negligence or reckless choice of another person or company, the situation is even more devastating.

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    Truck Accidents
    Semi-trucks, tractor-trailers and 18-wheelers are much heavier than any sedan or sport utility vehicle. When involved in an accident with an automobile, these trucks are capable of causing a massive amount of physical damage and personal injuries. In many instances these collisions can be catastrophic or even fatal to the driver and passengers in the car.

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    Car Accidents
    If you have been injured in an auto accident, or if you have been struck by a car as a pedestrian, you may be facing a long and painful period of recovery. During this time, you need an advocate who has your best interests in mind. Do not leave your health or financial well-being in the hands of an insurance company.

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    Personal assaults can happen in a variety of different contexts and environments—a fight in a bar, a domestic dispute, a threat with a gun or knife at school or work. If you have been assaulted and injured, you should first seek immediate medical attention. Then, you should speak with a qualified personal injury attorney to learn about your legal rights before giving a statement to anyone. Furthermore, you should not sign any documents from the person that assaulted you, his or her insurance company or the owner of the business or property where you were assaulted.

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    Motorcycle Accidents
    In most situations, motorcycle accident injuries are significantly more serious than auto accident injuries. Drivers have a responsibility to be aware and cautious of the other motorists around them. Yet, all too frequently, the failure of motorists to notice motorcycles causes many accidents each year.

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    What Clients Are Saying About Lingenbrink Cazares Injury Law

    Steve S

    I was rear ended for the 3rd time (sitting at stop lights, this ain’t Russia) in Nov 2001, which eventually led to neck fusion surgery. Searching around for the best lawyers led me to Steve and I was immediately at ease by the way everything was handled. He’s professional in the way that only knowledge gained via experience can provide. He’s personable in that he obviously cares about your well being, there’s no clientele assembly line here. Likewise his team is top notch. Tracey and Heather are also both experienced and really on the ball, keeping track of all that insurance co and health provider nonsense – while also staying in touch – so you can focus on your recovery. Then in May 2019 again with the rear endings, this one my 5th. Also, again with the neck surgeries. I did not hesitate to go back to Steve and once again he and his team delivered. I am happy to refer him to anyone (go ahead and do your homework, you’ll find his ratings haven’t changed).

    Mark Ryan

    When you meet with Steve, whether it’s the first or tenth time, it’s always with the same level of interest, expertise and attention to detail that not only maintains focus, it preserves the intense level of trust that is so critical when considering all that is at stake in these types of situations. . .


    Steve and his staff did an outstanding job of handling my personal injury case from start to finish.
    Here is why Steve and his staff are the best at what they. . .


    After being injured by a motorist, I tried to navigate the maze of insurance claims myself. It was very frustrating. Two years after the accident I retained Steve to sort through everything..

    Personal Injury Client

    My case was probably smaller than the average case, but Steve handled it as he would any large one. He was trustworthy and treated me with respect and courtesy..


    We have great appreciation for Steve. Ours, was a long drawn out case. Steve never gave up, he continued to work hard, even after several years. Because the case was complicated and nearly unprecedented,..


    Steve will take the time and put forth all the effort to get what is deserved. He was very good about keeping me informed with what was going on with my case and would take the time to explain things in detail…

    Car Accident Client

    Steve provided us with a very clear understanding of the difficulties we faced in our particular circumstance. It was so helpful to have his wisdom and expertise throughout the process,..


    Steve Lingenbrink is exactly the type of lawyer you want to work with, especially when dealing with unfortunate situations that can be difficult to process and endure.
    Steve provided a comforting and helpful environment for my family and me…