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Lingenbrink Cazares Injury Law is a personal injury law firm serving the greater Seattle area and Washington State. Located in downtown Kirkland, we are part of Kornfeld, Trudell, Bowen & Lingenbrink, PLLC—the largest personal injury law firm on the Eastside. Our attorneys specialize in handling car, motorcycle and truck accidents, wrongful death and other types of catastrophic injury cases.

If you or someone you love has been injured by the negligence of others, you are probably looking for answers and advice. You’ve come to the right place. For over 30 years, Lingenbrink Cazares Injury Law has worked closely with over 6,000 clients to ensure their legal right to maximum compensation from the insurance companies, corporations and individuals responsible for their injuries. Our firm works hard to get the justice, accountability and closure that you and all accident victims deserve.

Know Your Rights.

The law does not require you to hire an attorney to handle your personal injury claim. But the insurance and legal issues raised in even the most basic motor vehicle collision can be confusing and complicated. Insurance companies also have a host of skilled lawyers on their team who can prove to be formidable opponents when you go it alone to defend your case.

That’s why an attorney’s expertise can prove invaluable in interpreting the law and your legal rights—and will greatly increase your ability to obtain a prompt and fair settlement. We invite you to schedule a free consultation with our firm to discuss your rights and the legal, medical and insurance aspects of your case. Do this BEFORE giving a statement to an insurance adjuster. At this meeting, we will evaluate the merits of your case and whether damages can be recovered.

Our goal is to get your questions answered in a way that will give you clarity about your situation and how to proceed. Even if you decide to represent yourself, a short conference with a Lingenbrink Cazares Injury Law attorney will get you started on the right track by giving you insight on the process ahead of you.

Getting the Right Medical Care.  

Recovering from a serious injury or accident is a long and costly process. Getting the best care may involve a variety of health care providers and treatments over a period of months, even years.

Insurance companies, however, often try to deny or limit paying medical expenses, especially for therapies such as chiropractic or naturopathic care. Our firm of attorneys understand the merits of diverse treatment options and are experienced in resolving medical care coverage issues. We will work tirelessly to get you the treatment you need to recover, plus compensation for your lost income, pain and suffering and other expenses.

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