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Chris Cazares

Chris Cazares

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About Christopher

Chris Cazares represents people in our community who have been harmed. He is passionate in helping his clients get to health and back to their life.  Chris’ current client list ranges from wrongful death to motor vehicle collision and everything in between. Clients repeatedly state that he met them in hard times, brought them to the other side, and they are better for having worked with him. Chris feels the same way about his clients.

As a civil prosecutor, Chris believes that the justice system and those involved on his side of the courtroom aisle are responsible for bringing light to bad behavior. As a prosecutor he has held the defendant responsible in cases ranging from minor injury to death. Chris has advocated in more than a hundred jury trials. As an instructor Chris is known for his depth of knowledge, passion for advocacy, and desire to help those he works with transform into better trial attorneys.

Chris has served in the United States Air Force on active-duty, in the reserves, and the Air National Guard. While in the military Chris has served as a criminal prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and trial instructor.

As a student Chris is a graduate of the by invitation only Trial Lawyer’s College, University of Southern California, Gould School of Law, and University of Texas at El Paso.



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