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Trapichitos-Community Service

The Long Road to Trapichitos A program on the BBRC’s involvement in International projects was keyed by Club Service I Director Steve Lingenbrink. But, as he pointed out, a vacancy created by a member leaving the club paved the way for him to become the chair of World...

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A Virtuous Circle

A Virtuous Circle It starts with one person, one random act of kindness. That single beneficial deed can trigger a chain of events with increasingly beneficial outcomes. That's why service to others is so important. That's how positive change happens in the world....

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Connecting Good People to Good Causes

Connecting Good People to Good Causes Volunteer opportunities abound throughout our local communities, our state, our country and across the globe. All it takes is a willingness to get involved—and your time, talent and resources can be put to work to make our world a...

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