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Washington State Assault Attorneys

Washington State Assault AttorneysPersonal assaults can happen in a variety of different contexts and environments—a fight in a bar, a domestic dispute, a threat with a gun or knife at school or work. If you have been assaulted and injured, you should first seek immediate medical attention. Then, you should speak with a qualified personal injury attorney to learn about your legal rights before giving a statement to anyone. Furthermore, you should not sign any documents from the person that assaulted you, his or her insurance company or the owner of the business or property where you were assaulted.

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Assault Terminology

An assault is an attempted or threatened physical, verbal or emotional attack of one person by another. If physical contact is made during the attack, it then becomes an assault and battery.If the attack involves a weapon such as a gun, knife or other object that can be used to cause injury, or if the intent is to do more than merely frighten the victim, it may be considered an aggravated assault.

A sexual assault forcefully involves someone in unwanted sexual behavior and can range from a gesture to rape. Domestic assault involves violence against family members or cohabitants.

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