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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

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Washington State Wrongful Death Attorneys

Washington State Wrongful Death AttorneysThe loss of a loved one brings profound grief. It makes it hard to focus or concentrate. It can make even the simplest daily tasks overwhelming. When that loss of life is due to the negligence or reckless choice of another person or company, the situation is even more devastating.

During this emotional time, you need a legal advocate with the experience and knowledge to handle the case, the power to seek just restitution and the sympathy to treat your family with respect and dignity. The attorneys of Lingenbrink Cazares Injury Law are here to offer that support.

With over 30 years of successful experience in the courts of Washington State, we have access to the experts and other resources needed to obtain justice for our clients who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents. A free consultation with one of our attorneys will help you learn more about your rights and how to protect them.

Know Your Legal Rights and Options

Washington State has complex laws that determine who may seek to recover damages in a wrongful death case. In general, you must either be the personal representative of the decedent’s probate estate or a statutory beneficiary such as a spouse, child or parent before you have the right to recovery.

Statute of limitations exist for filing a claim. Generally, it is three years from the date of death in Washington State. Our state applies a percentage analysis that allows you to recover damages even if your loved one was partially at fault for the accident.

There are different laws regarding the kinds of compensation that can be sought in a wrongful death case. Typically, compensation for economic losses can be sought for medical expenses incurred prior to death and both past and future lost wages. Compensation can also be sought for a variety of non-economic losses including pain and suffering, loss of consortium and the loss of parental guidance.

If a loved one has died due to the negligence of others, you have the right to seek damages against the responsible individual and/or company. Lingenbrink Cazares Injury Law is here to help you. Schedule a free attorney consultation at 425-284-6000 or email us.

Compassion & Understanding

At Lingenbrink Cazares Injury Law, we understand that no kind of settlement or verdict can make up for the loss of a family member. We are here, however, to make sure your rights are protected and that you have the support you need to get through a very difficult time.

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