When you meet with Steve, whether it’s the first or tenth time, it’s always with the same level of interest, expertise and attention to detail that not only maintains focus, it preserves the intense level of trust that is so critical when considering all that is at stake in these types of situations. From experience, I can attest to the fact that his performance is unparalleled, and quite frankly, restores faith in the legal system. Steve is a true champion, advocating for those who are at a great disadvantage with insurance companies undermining recovery and avoiding their obligations, and lives up to the real definition of the title Esquire – Champion of the Commoners. Steve kept me and my daughter well-informed, pursued every available avenue and protected us each step of the way. Our case was literally being ignored by a previous firm. Then we met with Steve and he completely turned everything around which enabled us to continue with treatment and gave us the peace of mind we were missing to move on with our lives. Taking a chance with anyone else would be like buying a bottle of wine just for the label. Why not experience incredible quality, approachability and refinement like “The Chief” by Mark Ryan – a serious wine that delivers! Thank you.